Blueprinted Animal Engines
Add fuel & Oil and go race.
Faster Motors is a full time business. I live and breathe Kart racing. I spend virtually every day developing Briggs
racing related products.  This is not a part time business that i run out of my basement. This is my life and my sole
source of employment. I want you to be happy with anything you purchase from Faster Motors. (Especially the
blueprinted engines) and I'll be there for you if you ever need me. I want to be more than your engine builder.
I'll spend more hours building your engine than i ever get paid for. I want your engine and every engine i build to
be the best it can be.

I have been building Animal engines since the very first version hit the track in the summer of 2000. I have seen it
grow into the high quality dependable engine that it is today and i have learned what it takes to make them go fast.
There is no other Kart racing engine that has proven to be more economical and durable than a Briggs. From the
smallest restrictor plate engine to the biggest open motor you can dream of. I can build it for you.

Here's some of what you get. What i don't tell you is all the little tricks that go into really making the engine
1.   Complete latest generation  Animal engine
2.   Every engine is completely disassembled and inspected before building it into the championship engine you
3.   Block deck machined for maximum compression
4.   All clearances adjusted to minimum friction and maximum Horsepower.
5.   After market camshaft selected and timed for the most Horsepower
6.   Valves, valve seats and valve guides inspected and optimised for maximum Horsepower.
7.   Head flow measured and graphed on a Superflow bench for maximum Horsepower.
8.   Ignition timing set for maximum Horsepower
9.   Carburetor float set, jets installed and slide needle set for maximum Horsepower.
10. Exhaust header selected for each engine for maximum Horsepower.
11. Muffler installed
12. Every part checked with WKA approved tec tools to assure legality.
13. Every engine is broken in and then dyno tuned for the best Horsepower curve.

Price $1295.00.

I'd suggest you also let me include one of my Animal specific throttle linkage kit (The missing link)
One of my custom exhaust header braces and a breather system.
Please go back to the home page and click on the links to these parts to see them. They really do make a
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