Domed Pistons for the stock dimension Rod and
also for the long rod application
Building a higher horsepower Animal just got a whole lot easier.
Now the average guy can build a higher horsepower Animal with out having to have
someone else do any expensive machine work.
These 2 ring domed pistons are a direct drop in for the stock bore Animal or LO 206 block.
Something that was not available before.

In the past the stock block needed to be honed or bored approximately .012" larger to fit an after market piston. Then
the pistons also needed about .100" machined off their top to get the correct pop up.
The average guy does not have a rigid hone, a milling machine or a lathe to do any of this machine work.

You have to have someone do this for you.

After having this
EXPENSIVE machine work done you have a piston that will fit the block

The next thing you needed to do was have someone machine the cylinder head gasket surface down about .070"  to get
the compression up to typical racing engine level.
Machining that much off the head weakens it and makes it more susceptible to warping and blowing head gaskets.

With these pistons:
You don't have to bore the block!
You don't have to machine the top of the piston!
You don't have to machine the head gasket surface!
These domed pistons eliminate having to do all this time consuming and
EXPENSIVE machine work!

Just drop the piston in and you are ready to assemble the rest of the motor.

It comes with a HEAVY DUTY .490" wrist pin or for use with a long rod or it can be bought for the stock dimension wrist
pin for use with a stock dimension billet rod.

It uses high tech plastic buttons on each end of the wrist pin rather than those annoying wrist pin spiral locks.

It is also lighter than the stock piston.

It's currently available in the following sizes:

Standard bore   $112.28
.010" oversize   $116.62
.020" oversize   $116.62
.030" oversize   $116.62

Domed pistons NOW available for the stock rod.
Includes rings
Standard bore  $108.95
.010" oversize   $113.95
.020" oversize   $113..95
.030" oversize   $123.95

Does not include wrist pin.
Use the one you have
For .490" wrist pin
Requires aftermarket rod
For stock wrist pin .625" diameter
Use of a Billet connecting rod is
HIGHLY recommended.
You can use a Briggs World
Formula  or aftermarket rod.
Domed Piston installed in a stock bore.
No machine work was required.
It has the proper skirt clearance and
pop up.