Made from super tough stainless steel. No right angle bends in the brace members.
Includes one 3/4" wide Hd. Stainless Steel clamp for the brace and
One "T" bolt style Stainless Steel muffler clamp.
The muffler clamp will not stretch like aluminum clamps. I've never had a failure of this clamp.
Design will vary depending on the shape of the pipe.
Other designs use the same high quality construction.
You can tighten the muffler clamp
so tight you will crush the muffler
and pipe. (don't do that)
Price $30.00 You weld
Tel 920-207-9180
9:00 til 5:00 central time

I fit it exactly to your
pipe and weld it $40.00
A slightly different style showing
the mounting idea and the clamp

Old Version
Some versions require you to
make two small welds to connect
the brace members to the pipe
Bullet Proof
Largest legal breather  system with
1/2" ID hose

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to see the breather system