This exhaust header flange with the cooling fins helps prevent overheating of the
#4 head bolt area. When this area of the head gets too hot the aluminum will
actually get soft and compress from the head bolt torque.
Once this happens you lose head bolt clamping pressure and you blow the head
gasket and lose power.
You will also warp the head and replacing the head gasket is not going to solve
the problem. With a warped head you will blow another head gasket in short order.
You may be able to repair the head by machining it if it has not already been
machined to the legal minimum. It can also be straightened with special fixtures or
you can buy a new Blueprinted head. Any of these three repairs is going to cost
you more than necessary.
Why not prevent the problem before it happens.
The most common reason for this problem is too much timing or taping up the
blower housing too much.
This HEAVY DUTY BILLET flange is machined from one piece of steel. You simply
measure and cut off your pipe and re-weld it pointing where ever works best for
you application.
I can Weld it for you if you like.
I'd also suggest using one of my bullet proof Stainless Steel exhaust brace kits.
Click here to see one.

Price $39.95          CALL  920 207 9180