This tool works great.
No more dropping jets on the ground
No more hassle trying to get a screw driver in the slot of the jet
No more screw driver damage to the jet
No more taking the float bowl off to replace the jet  
You can literally replace the jet with your eyes closed

Remove the brass plug from the bottom of the float bowl and insert
the jet driver and it will find the jet and hold it for you.
Price  $19.95
9:00 til 5:00
Central time
Tel 920-207-9180
WF Jet driver has all the
features of the Animal jet driver
but you must take the bowl off
to get to the jet.  $24.95
WF idle wrench won't slip off the
screw even with the engine
running. Makes it much easier to
adjust the idle mixture.   $19.95
World Formula