Additional Briggs
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Many of the parts for this engine are
interchangeable with the Animal /
WF. Call me if you need help.

Stock 3" Bore  Parts
690229 Wrist pin                     $4.00
691682 flush drain plug          $2.00
794188 Cylinder                 $129.95
791786 Std piston                $46.00
791791 .020 piston               $46.00
791781 std ring set               $16.00
791792 .020 ring set             $16.00
791720 Head assembly        $70.00
791783 Connecting Rod       $27.00
792977 Crankshaft               $77.00
399269 DU Bushing Kit          $8.00
791716 Std Head Gasket        $4.50
Copper head gasket (.042")   $19.95
Additional Options
1.25 : 1 Roller rockers                 $174.95
1.3 : 1 Stamped steel rockers       $99.95
Big Valve Head                           $379.95
Briggs stroker crank                    $123.89
Billet .233" Stroker Crank            $264.95
Billet .233 Stroker Crank             $424.95
Faster Motors Billet side cover   $149.95  
Faster Motors Third Bearing        $119.95
Faster  Motors 4th bearing           $119.95
Copper head Gasket                     $19.95
.490" wrist pin upgrade                  $19.95
Billet crank conversion gears         $34.95
Conversion bearings                     $14.45  
Conversion crank seal                   $3.47
Lifters   (2)                                     $10.00
MODEL 15 With 3 inch Bore
This is not an Animal block. You can not bore an Animal to 3" and have any cylinder left!

The Model 15 Briggs block allows you to use a considerably larger piston than the Animal
block because it doesn't have the oil passage on the upper right side of the deck. The oil
passage on the model 15 block is located on the flywheel side of the block. Briggs uses a
sheet metal cover over the passage. (I make a special plate / block support for that purpose)
It also has more material between the push rod chamber and the cylinder bore.
Both of these features allow us to use a larger piston an also a head gasket with more material
in it.
The Model 15 comes from Briggs with an aluminum bore and an aluminum cran bearing
surface for the flywheel side of the block.
The Faster Motors block has a special bushing installed on the flywheel side that has proven
to work very well. This style bushing was used for decades on the Briggs 5 HP flat head and is
currently also used in the Briggs Model 21 (21 cubic inches)  Just like the bearings in your car
(not roller bearings) they work great.
The Faster Motors block also comes with a cylinder sleeve installed that has a shoulder at the
top to make sure it doesn't move.  The sleeve is also installed with locktite to keep it from
Gas ported piston for Model 15 engine. Notice
the holes above the top ring to apply gas pressure to
the top ring to help seal the ring for more
compression and power. (Google Gas Ported
This is a 3 ring piston with a chrome faced 1mm top
ring, a 1.2mm second ring and a 3 piece oil ring.
Uses the stock Briggs .625" wrist pin.
This piston also has an accumulator groove between
the top and second ring. (Google Piston Accumulator
The rod is made to be used with the
stock stroke
forged Briggs Crank. It is 3.572"
long and has a rod
ratio of 1.622. It is an over square
engine with 3"
piston and a 2.202" stroke.
With the correct cylinder head it will
be able to
un shroud the valves for better flow
and way more
power than the competition.
Right now i have the blocks for Open motors and they have a
2.992" Bore.
With the sleeve installed, Piston and rings, .695" Animal wrist pin,
Du bushing installed, with an ARC billet rod