It is very important to support the bottom of the block as much as
possible. Just like a house it need a solid foundation. If not the torque
of the engine can twist the block and cause the side cover bolts to
come loose, fall out or cause gasket failure. It is even possible to
crack the block in extreme cases.
To help prevent this from happening this mount supports the motor
plate much farther to the right side of the kart. It also has a much
thicker top plate.
There are many chassis, seats and adults that need the motor
mounted farther to the right than many motor mounts are designed
This mount provides the support for the motor in those situations.

The motor angle can be either 8 or 15 degrees depending on how
you mount the motor plate.

PRICE $109.95
Standard 5 or 15 degree
motor mount. Fully adjustable
forward and backward, left
and right.
Very good motor mount