NO matter what kind of motor mount you choose it is very important to support the bottom of the block as much as
possible. Just like a house it need a solid foundation. If not the torque of the engine can twist the block and cause
the side cover bolts to come loose, fall out or cause gasket failure. It is even possible to crack the block in extreme
To help prevent this from happening this mount supports the motor plate much farther to the right side of the kart. It
also has a much thicker top plate.
There are many chassis, seats and adults that need the motor mounted farther to the right than many motor mounts
are designed for.
This mount provides the support for the motor in those situations.

The motor angle can be either 8 or 15 degrees depending on how you mount the motor plate.

PRICE $109.95
Standard 5 or 15 degree
motor mount. Fully adjustable
forward and backward, left
and right.
Very good motor mount
After 2 years of development we finally have a design we are happy with.  Introducing the top adjustable motor
mount for 4 cycles. The QPT Mount, QUICK PERFECT TENSION. At the turn of your wrist you can adjust your
chain tension perfectly every time.  
No more going under the kart to change gears or set your chain tension.
No more dealing with a chain tension that isn't perfect because it just wouldn't set right when moving the
motor.  Just turn one screw, no locks or complication.  Change gear by as much as 7 teeth without having to
climb under the kart.

High quality 2024 aluminum uprights with rolled threads to eliminate stripping at the clamp bolts\
3/8" clamp bolts to eliminate stripping
Lightly serrated clamps and uprights for extra frame grip.
CNC machined 4130 Cromoly steel frame clamps so they can be extra thin and strong, eliminates curb hits
moving motor
1" of adjustment from one easy access bolt, just turn and go.
Separates direct link of motor to frame to reduce stress on motor joints
Unsurpassed development makes it an absolute premium product.

Price $199.95
Mount #1
Mount #2
If you have to move the motor farther to
the right for seat clearance or any other
Mount #3  
Motor Mount
Because of the overall thickness and rigidity of the base plate and
the motor plate you can mount them to the right or left of center
Another brand, Same priced but the motor doesn't
get anywhere near the support that the QPT
mount provides. Because a wimpy motor mount
allows the block to twist that can lead to leaking
side cover gaskets or broken side cover bolts or
even cracked blocks