Made from 1/4" high strength Chromoly steel
They are 7 1/2" long so you can make them to
the length you need to fit any application.

The ball ends have been specially designed to
stay put in the adjuster when used with the
Faster Motors roller rockers

Please see the special push rod length tool
Push rods $26.95 per pair
Push rod length and trimming tool
Faster Motors Chromoloy Push rods.
When using after market push rod with roller rockers you may
experience the push rod coming out of the lash adjuster. When this
happens you may destroy the push rod, the rocker arm or even
destroy the engine. There can be a number of the reasons for this
but the main reason is that you can’t machine the pocket in the ¼ X
28 lash adjuster deep enough to hold the push rod in place. If you
try to machine a deeper pocket for the end of the push rod to sit in
the sides of the adjuster screw become paper thin and break off.
Then, usually at high rpm, the push rod comes out of its socket,
parts get destroyed and the engine dies.
Unlike many other after market push rods with a 3/16” radius the
Faster Motors push rod has a slight flat on the end to make sure it
sits farther in the socket and it is undercut so it doesn't mushroom
as the socket as the rocker arm travel through it's arc (rocks)

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