Stroker Kit
Adds .233" of stroke
The Stroker Kit

ARC Stroker rod
Forged piston & rings

Heavy duty wrist pin

Conversion gear         
Conversion PTO seal
Conversion PTO bearing

Add ARC Billet stroker crank

Some machine work may be
These parts are available
individually as well.
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Briggs flat  head crank pictured
The Briggs flathead crank is no longer available from Briggs.
If you build a strong stroker motor the Briggs crank isn't strong
enough anyhow. Do you expect a crank that was originally
designed for a low compression 5 HP flat head to hold up in a
high compression 20 or more HP OHV engine?
I recommend using the best ARC Billet stroker crank available.
If you buy the crank with the rest of the stroker kit the price is
Pistons available for the following bore sizes
2.694" Bore ----- It's about .007" bigger than stock bore. Some Honing of the bore required.
2.702" Add $7.00
2.717" Add $7.00
2.736" Add $7.00
2.756" -----  may need a larger sleeve installed