Stroker Kit
Adds .233" of stroke
Stroker Kit
.233" Stroker Crank
ARC Stroker rod
Forged piston & rings
Conversion gear         
Conversion PTO seal
Conversion PTO bearing
INCLUDES Heavy Duty Wrist pin


Some machine work may be
required. It depends on which
piston you use.
These parts are available
individually as well.
Call me  920-207-9180
Domed Pistons Also Available
Building a stroker animal just got a whole lot easier. Before i had these domed pistons you had to use a flat
top piston and machine it down to get the proper piston pop up. Also there previously wasn't a stock bore size
piston available so the block had to be bored or honed about .015" . Lots of work and lots of money. Once
you got the piston right you had to mill the head gasket surface to get the desired compression ratio. More
work and mor money.

With this stock bore sized domed piston you don't have to bore the block, you don't have to machine the top
of the piston and you don't have to machine the head.
You save time and money.
Call me and I'll hook you up.
Tel 920-207-9180

Standard bore   $112.28
.010" oversize   $116.62
.020" oversize   $116.62
.030" oversize   $116.62