Building a higher horsepower Animal just got a whole lot
easier. Now the average guy can build a higher horsepower
Animal with out having to have someone else do the machine
1.These 2 ring domed pistons are a direct drop in for the
stock bore Animal block. Something that was not available
No need to bore or hone the block to fit the piston.
2. This domed piston also provides higher compression with
out the need to machine the head.
3. Since there is no need to machine the cylinder head the
head retains its strength. This also helps to prevent head
warping and helps keep the head gasket from blowing.
4. There is also no need to machine the top of the piston  to
get the correct pop up.
5. It uses a .490" wrist pin so it allows you to us a longer rod or
a stroker rod.
6.  It doesn't use those annoying wrist pin spiral locks.  
7. It uses high tech plastic buttons on each end of the wrist pin.
8. It is also lighter than the stock piston.
9. Larger sizes also available soon.
Billet Domed Piston
Now Available
What's New 2
The Model 15 bock comes from the factory with a
aluminum bearing surface for the flywheel side crank
Since the aluminum bearing surface wears out very
quickly it is unacceptable for racing.
This kit allows the installation of dual ball bearings on
the flywheel side.
It eliminates the worn out bearing issue and provides
much more support for the crankshaft.
It provides more support for the crankshaft to help
prevent crankshaft failures.
It can also be used with an Animal or World formula
Price $294.95
4 Ball Bearing Model 15 Block
Now Available
Dual Bearing side Cover
Can be used with Animal, World
Formula or 3 " model 15 blocks.
It adds additional support for the
crankshaft to help prevent crankshaft
Price $169.95
All pistons include rings, Hd wrist pin and wrist pin

STD Bore $112.28
.010, .020 and .030"  Pistons $116.62
Silicone side cover gasket
Heat disperser
Now standard on all LO 206